I was recently asked by someone to guarantee them #1 on Google for their new website. 
My reply was that I could get them there, for Giraffe Farming in Nottingham
My point is this - keywords are the most important thing, targeting keywords that aren't relevant to your business is a pointless exercise. 
Also, trying to "trick" Google into ranking a site higher for specific keywords is, really, counterproductive. 
Each update that Google do tries to close "loopholes" that some SEO Experts manipulate to get a particular website (or landing page, like this one) to rank highly, quickly. 
I've just created this page, it's 21:34 (Nottingham time) on 26/01/2016, and the giraffes are asleep on the farm. 
Let's see how well I do with basic on-page SEO and a well designed website. 
I forgot about this page, until I was having a clean up of my website - it's now 17/9/2016, and this page is at the top of Page 1 for "Nottingham Giraffe Farming". I don't know how long it's been at the top. 
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