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Google have added a "Posts" feature to My Business, it's now available to UK Businesses, but what does it mean? 

Google Posts 

Available to Verified My Business listings, Google's new "Posts" feature allows your business to post new content to your My Business page, and it comes with a few other recent changes (Including other Reviews) that indicate the Big G is focusing attention on improving functionality in My Business listings. 
Google Say: 
Posting on Google is a new way to share relevant, fresh content with the people who are searching for you. Use images, videos and even animated GIFs to engage your audience, and add inline links to drive traffic to specific content. 
Exactly how this will effect paid or organic listings in the search results in the future is typically unclear at this stage, but I believe it'll become clear when updates relating to the recent announcement that they will include "News" in the search engine results get delivered. 
The SEOs are testing away and it's clear that these posts don't currently get indexed (meaning: they don't affect your ranking), but of course it appears to be a great way of engaging with your target audience on events, news and special offers. 

Optimising Google My Business 

I would suggest you check over your My Business listing, make sure it's still verified and all the information is correct - after all, it's a good idea to do this anyway. If you don't have a My Business listing, create one and get it verified - we can help you with both of these if you get in touch. 
There were some fairly recent changes to "Service Areas" that you might want to check over. There's a handy guide to Optimising Google My Business on our Support Site

Using Google Posts 

Login to Google My Business, and it's there on the menu. 
The Posts only last for 7 Days 
Make the first 100 characters count 
The best image size to use is 750×750 
Posts aren't visible in the Local Pack (maybe an indicator will appear in the future?) 
But do appear in the Knowledge Panel, in a Carousel if you have multiple posts. 
You can create Posts as events, with a Start & End date/time - these posts stay visible until the event has finished. 
You can add a Button that allow people to: 
Sign up 
Get offer 
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