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So. Someone has taken the time to visit your site and they’ve filled out your contact form. Great! But, then what? 
Are your prospects then confronted with a generic ‘Your message has been submitted’ pop up, leaving them with a really impersonal feel? Just think about how that looks. They have no information on how long it will take you to respond, it feels uncaring and they will then probably slope off and check out your competition and fill their forms in too, just in case, because they have no expectations of you and your service from that point onwards. 
There are options available to you that will make you and your business far more endearing and will actually help you to convert more of those prospects to customers or clients. 
Obviously, all businesses and the expectations of your prospects will be different depending upon the value of your product and/or service. But treat all your customers to a high-end customer experience and you are sure to remain in their mind for longer and keep them returning. 

Consider the number of fields that you include 

Have a think about what information you actually ‘need’ to gather from the customer. This could depend on what they are contacting you for. Is it to receive a free download that enables you to collect their basic data, or is it for a more in-depth service that requires more time in completing the fields. 
Ask yourself if the customer will be willing to fill in the form or whether they will think it is too much effort for what they want in return. 
You could consider having a simple ‘call back’ checkbox, with the chance to leave an optional message to keep it simple, or you may want to ask the customer to select from a list of products or services that you offer which shows they have had to make a considered choice. 

Now what? Here are some tips: 

This is where the psychology of ‘what happens next’ comes into it and where you can start to think about how to make your conversion rates higher. 
Here are some tips on what the next steps on your website could be: 
Ditch the generic ‘Your message has been submitted’ pop up and replace it with a more personal 'thank you' page, which should include how long it will take you to respond to their enquiry. After all, you are grateful for them getting in touch with you so this is your commitment that you will get back to them. It gives the customer a realistic expectation and also helps you manage your time, as we can’t always instantly get back to people – you could say you will be in touch within 24 or 48 hours. This way, they're less likely to fill out the contact form on a competitor's website. 
Another option is to re-direct them back to another page of your website. We want our website visitors to remain on our site for as long as possible - these timings are part of how your website’s SEO works too so this has dual impact. The likelihood is, if they are interested in one of your products or services, they may be interested in others so make it your duty to let them know how else you can help them. 
Encourage people towards your blog page. You could even point them to a certain category from your thank you page that you believe will be relevant to their interests - "Thank you for getting in touch - why not take a look at what our customers are saying about our services in our recent case studies?" 
If you have a goal to increase your social media following, include a section that asks them to keep up with you on social media and include the relevant links. If you are going to do this, make sure you are posting quality content they will find of interest first. Try not to give too many choices though – go with the platforms that you are strongest on. Too many can be overwhelming. 
You may wish to offer people a discount, as a thank you for their time visiting your site, purchasing your product, or downloading your freebie. You already have a captive and interested audience, so this is a great way of gaining their business or repeat business. 
Think about making it personal with a head shot of you and/or your team. People like to do business with real people and this gives your visitor the opportunity to feel as though they have met you. 
If your site visitor has purchased tickets for an event or workshop, for example, you could include a free download in the thank you page which includes an itinerary of what to expect on the day and a pre-meeting checklist of what they will need to bring with them. 

Video walkthrough 

Hopefully these points have given you some ideas for your thank you pages.  
Here is a video walkthrough from Phil to show how easily you can achieve these results with the it’seeze website editor

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