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Little Tots Hire had a great new business idea, and recognised that because of the product and the target market they needed a professional but friendly website to promote. Like all businesses with a new idea, they wanted to keep control of costs so they first purchased a website through a large well-known national company. 
That company did deliver a website, however, Little Tots felt that they did not deliver anything like what was asked for, in terms of either timescale, design or content. 
Little Tots had tried to resolve this with the Company, but felt they were stuck in a call centre “Computer Says No!” environment and couldn't get anyone to listen them. 
At first they wouldn't let the client cancel the contract, and this left the client “stuck” as the site was live and creating a negative image about the business, but the client could not change it, and the company would not take it down. 
They were stuck – she couldn’t move forwards or backwards. 
We spoke and the client was very happy with our proposal, we got to work straight away understanding what they did and did not want. Little Tots already had some really nice branding and logo from a Graphic Designer so we worked those into the brief. They wanted a really friendly & professional site and while the site needed to be child-like, they didn’t want it to be childish. 
Little Tots have some really great ideas that their it’seeze website will allow them to implement; 
They have some really good branded “freebies” on the site; downloadable colouring sheets and party invites – a really good idea to develop branding, to make Little Tots “easy to deal with” and offers that little extra over the competition. 
In order to stay at the front of the market, it’s important that Little Tots are able to tweak and add to the packages they have, and to keep updating their testimonials and Gallery of recent Parties. This ensures the site stays current and gives the Market the confidence that they continue to be dedicated to delivering great Parties! 
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