Posts from March 2018

SEO is all about getting virtual ‘bums on seats’ or, in politer language, visits to your website. But did you know that good SEO – SEO that really works – is actually a side-effect of good engagement? That might sound a bit cryptic but it’s really quite simple. 
Your goal as a business owner isn’t to get every Tom, Dick and Harry to visit your website. An aggressive approach to SEO might make it happen. But this kind of approach invariably results in a sky-high bounce rate and minuscule dwell time – followed by a nose-dive down the Google rankings. 
If you’re creating a new website for your business, or even if you already have a website, you’ll need to give some thought to keyword research. For your site to perform well in Google searches, it's important to find out what people are searching for on Google, and use these keywords in your content, and SEO, which in turn will help drive traffic to your website and engage with your target audience. 
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