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Lisa Newport owns and runs the My Ruby Slippers Style Academy, a part online and part face-to-face Style Consultancy based in Nottingham. Correspondingly she has a really strong sense of style, brand identity, design communication and the use of colour. The website is now live, and the result is fabulous. 
Having a very strong concept of what she wanted both from the design and purpose of her website, but being frustrated in the past by other website designer's attempts to translate this into actual results, Lisa was originally going to sign up to a "teach yourself WordPress". 
When she told me that the course was going to cost several hundred pounds - I asked her to wait 1 day, until I'd shown her what we could do. During the meeting we ran through the probably costs of a WordPress Site (hosting, domain, email, graphic design) and the ongoing hassle of time for maintenance and security, plus her having to rely on "favours" for support. 
When I showed Lisa our Website Editor, how it would give her total control over her website content - we got onto a very critical element for her business: embedding links to her online training/delivery platform (Simplero). We added some links straight away, and I quickly showed her that we could style a completely blank page to look just like one of her Simplero Pages. 
Our Designers went on to build a very bright and quirky website, making good use of the graphic elements Lisa provided. They also included several unusual graphic elements to the site, such as buttons that wobble and rollovers that grow on hover. 
It was a really powerful demonstration of just how flexible the it'seeze Website editor is. I'm really impressed with the design, and even more impressed how well Lisa has picked up using the it'seeze Website Editor to build her own website. 
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