Run by NLP practitioner Debs Bamford, Confidence Camp is a coaching business that specialises in dealing with the problems faced by teenagers and the parents and educators of teenagers. Through family therapy, workshops, courses, and coaching, Debs helps her clients overcome the obstacles of teendom and become confident in themselves. She already had a website for her company, but felt that it was time to move on to something more up to date and user-friendly. 
The site needed to appeal to teenagers first and foremost, but also needed to be appropriate for the adults living and working with teens too. This meant it had to be both fun and professional, all whilst keeping within the theme of a campsite aesthetic. Debs was also keen for the website to incorporate lots of movement and interactive elements, and wanted it to have unique features that would differentiate it from the more formal sites within the industry. 
The it’seeze design team have achieved all this and more with the Confidence Camp website. Upon first landing on the home page, visitors are greeted with a slide-in animation that instantly establishes the campsite motif that is carried through the site. Further down the page, a flickering fire introduces a new section, and the footer features a colourful gradient of trees silhouetted against a moving background of the night sky. Together, these animations add interest and individuality to the design, and help to reinforce the overarching camp premise in a slick and professional way. 
Image rollovers are also used throughout the website, and this helps to create a good balance of both passive and interactive content to augment the user experience. Tent icons are also a common theme within the design, and these, along with the horizon lines of trees and mountains that break up each content section, lend a cohesive, branded feel to the site very much in keeping with the Confidence Camp identity 
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