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Different types of business need to promote themselves in different ways online, right? 
That’s certainly what we find here at itseeze Web Design Nottingham (although there are obviously some common denominators, like a professionally designed website!).  
So, being the helpful types that we are, we’ve decided to create a new blog series aimed at helping different types of businesses shine with their online marketing tasks. 

1. Who do we mean? 

First up, we’re looking at health and beauty salons. That means hairdressers, barbers, nail bars, beauty salons and other business types in this sector that typically have a physical presence (Treatment Room, Salon etc).  
Traditionally, health and beauty salons have relied on repeat business and a mix of local marketing methods, mostly offline. However, it’s important to promote your business online too, if you’re to get the best results from your marketing and give your bottom line a boost. 
As a business that relies on local trade, your starting point should always be a well-designed website and an up-to-date Google My Business profile that drives traffic back to the site. Both should showcase your service areas and opening hours, and feature plenty of geographical keywords and reviews or testimonials from happy customers. 
If competition isn’t too tough in your area, this might be enough to drum up new trade and keep customers flowing through the door. So, have a look on Google and local business directories to assess the level of competition you’re up against.  
If there are lots of other local businesses with the same or similar service offering, you’ll need to make your online marketing work harder if you’re to stand out from the crowd. 

2. Facebook is your friend 

Google excepted, Facebook is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for health and beauty businesses. Spend some time inviting people to ‘like’ your page and, once they’ve done so, drop them a line asking them to book an appointment. 
Consider offering an incentive to get them through the door, such as a small discount off their first treatment. This could link back to your website to download a voucher or similar, giving people the chance to find out more about your business. 
Once people are physically ‘in the chair’, encourage them to check in on Facebook, so their friends can see they’re using your services. This could inspire them to book their own appointments – especially if your original customer posts some good quality photos of their new hairstyle or beauty look, which they then share to your Facebook page (why not offer to take the photos for them in the salon?). 
You can also ask them to leave you a great review if they’re happy with their treatment, and to mention your services if they see any relevant ‘Looking for recommendations’ posts on personal or group Facebook pages that they follow. 
You might feel like you’re asking for a few favours here but remember the old saying: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” When it comes to spreading the word about your business online, existing customers are the biggest weapon in your armoury, so don’t be afraid to use them. 
Of course, it’s important to give as well as take – and Facebook is great for adding value. For example, you could give your Facebook followers access to new treatments, products, or services before anyone else, helping to boost your spend-per-visit figures whilst making people feel they’re getting an ‘exclusive’. 

3. Seasonal offers 

Seasonal offers work well too, such as ‘Get ready for summer,’ ‘Get bikini-ready for the beach’, and so on. Make these offers available to everyone on your website and share links to the relevant offer pages on your website on Facebook to maximise your audience. 
If competition is very stiff in your local area, consider Google Ads and/or Facebook advertising or remarketing if you have the budget for this. 
Even if you’re not ready to embark on paid advertising just yet, install the Facebook pixel on your website now. This will give you a much wider audience when the time comes to launch your advertising campaigns. (If you’re not sure what the Facebook pixel is, you can find out here and how to add it to an itseeze website here.) 
Even without an advertising budget, you can still use Google to help drive more traffic to your website. 
For example, you could run a leaflet campaign that asks people to “Find us on Google” (rather than including your URL in the leaflet), to access a discount code or download a special offer voucher. Google will remember that they visited your website after searching for your business online, making it more likely for your site to pop up again next time they search. 

4. Get your tone and style right 

Ever heard the phrase ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’? Of course you have. And nowhere is this truism more pertinent than in terms of writing effective website copy.  
Get your tone and style right, and you’ll engage readers with your brand straightaway. Get it wrong and they’ll click away in a heart-beat. 
The good news is: it’s not that hard to get it right. Just think about your target audience and the language they use in their everyday or working lives. For example, a solicitor might favour a more formal, detailed approach, whilst a teenager would be more drawn to fun, lively language that strikes a chord. 
However you write, take time to make it interesting, relevant, and helpful for your readers. This will not only give them what they’re looking for but will also boost your Google rankings, as ‘useful’ content is now favoured over ‘sales speak’.  
Be careful when using industry jargon, too. Unless you think this is something that will engage your readers and you’re 100% sure they’ll understand it, stick to layman’s terms. 

itseeze Web Design Nottingham are here to help 

When you choose itseeze Nottingham as your website provider, you’ll have access to a wealth of support, expertise and advice to help you get the most from your online marketing.  
To find out more and discuss you requirements, please get in touch today. 
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