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We've been really excited about Queen of Ink since the owner spoke to us in September. Now we it's live, we can tell you why. 
Kelly (the owner) was starting a new business, a tattoo studio specialising in genuinely custom tattoos. When we say starting, we mean building; literally building, a brand new studio from the ground up, and was under a time crunch to launch the new business ready for Opening Day. 
Like all our customers, Kelly saw the benefit in the package being complete and all-in, loved the delivery time and understood how professional design would set her business apart. 
When we discussed the design of the site, Kelly send us a few of her unique artwork designs and we started to talk about our standard extra Logo Design service - and she happily agreed to go ahead. 
So, still inside our normal delivery time, our designers took Kelly's originals and keeping within the brief re-drew elements to create the Queen of Ink logo, which keeps sketchy artwork feel, and took some of the other elements to create the header on the site.  
The logo is also being used on the Queen of Ink business card design as we speak (actually, another of our clients is doing those for her!).  
One of the best bits, I think, is that Kelly originally created this artwork for a unique tattoo design she has - what about that for true branding! If any of our other customers wants a tattoo of their own logo doing, I'd be happy to put you in touch. 
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