Here at itseeze Web Design Nottingham, we get asked lots of questions about the web design process and what’s involved. And, because we like to help people (and because we like talking about web design…), we’ve brought some of them together in this article: 

1. How much does it cost to have a new website built? 

Well, how long’s a piece of string...the answer ranges from ‘nothing at all if you do it yourself using a free platform’ (NOT recommended!) to many thousands of pounds, and everything in between. It all boils down to your budget and what you want for your money. 
Here at itseeze Web Design Nottingham, we like to keep things simple. We offer three website packages: Lite, Max, and Commerce, designed to meet the needs of different business types and sizes. Each package has a fixed price, although this may vary if you choose to bolt on extra services such as copywriting, photography, and additional design work (see below). 
We then charge a fixed monthly subscription to cover the costs of hosting the site and providing technical support if you need it. So, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay, both upfront and after your website goes live. 

2. How long does it take to design and build a website? 

See question 1! We did a bit of online research and found answers varying from just one week to a whopping 160 days. OK, the latter was for ecommerce (online shop) sites, which can be complex to design and build – but we’re not sure anyone needs to toil away for almost half a year… 
Again, itseeze Nottingham can give you a straight answer. Our standard delivery time across all our packages is 16 working days – that’s just over three weeks from receiving all the information we need to start work. This includes setting up email addresses, optimising each page, and submitting the site to search engines. 

3. Should I choose a template or go for bespoke web design? 

Ah, this age-old question. However, if you choose itseeze Nottingham as your web designer, it isn’t a question at all. Each of our sites is completely bespoke and designed from the ground up by our expert team, with no templates ever used. 
Incidentally, if you’re wondering why we don’t use templates, you’ll find the answers here. In brief, it’s because your site will look bland and unimaginative, functionality and flexibility will be poor, and you could run into problems with SEO and technical support. Eek! 

4. How do I know the design will reflect my brand? 

Any web designer worth their salt will take the time to ask you the right questions about your brand to inform their work. This includes areas such as your target market and key messages, as well as tangible aspects such as colours, fonts, and logos. 
Whilst we don’t like to blow our own trumpets too much, this is something we’re really good at. Our web design process always starts with a face to face meeting where your consultant will find out all about your business and what makes you tick, so we can decide together on the sort of website you need. 
For some great recent examples of how our designs truly reflect the nature of the businesses we work with, check out our Confidence Camp and Ashwells Decorators case studies. 

5. What if I want a new corporate identity, or don’t have one? 

Many web designers offer a range of graphic design services, so you’ll often find they can take care of your other brand requirements as well as your website. itseeze Nottingham is no exception. 
We offer a selection of fixed-price design and production services to help you establish a strong corporate identity, with all printed materials produced to the same high standard as our online work. Services range from social media banners to business cards and pop-up banners. Find out more here

6. Where will the content come from for my new website? 

You have three choices: write the content yourself, hire a copywriter, or ask your web designer to find someone for you. Beware the web designer that offers to write the copy themselves. Unless they can provide some bona fide examples of quality content, they’re unlikely to do a good job – simply because it’s not their area of expertise. 
Which brings us to the main benefit of hiring a copywriter if you don’t have the time or skill to write the content yourself. It makes sense for all aspects of your new website to be professionally produced. Poorly-written copy will let down the most beautifully-designed or technically impressive website. As an extra service, itseeze Nottingham can recommend trusted copywriters who’ll do your new site justice. 

7. Will I be able to update the content myself when it goes live? 

This depends on the platform used to build your website. Popular systems such as WordPress generally include a Content Management System (CMS) which you can access to update your content, add new pages, and upload blog posts. Unfortunately, some less scrupulous providers retain control of the CMS – so you’re forced to pay them every time you want to make a change. 
We don’t work like that. The itseeze web editor platform is unique to our business and offers unrivalled functionality, flexibility, and control. It’s quick and easy to use, and comes with lots of extra features to help you get the most from your new website. Once your new site goes live, you’ll be trained on how to use our web editor as part of your package price. 

8. Will I get any technical support? 

Again, this depends on who you’re working with. If your web designer is also hosting your site, they’ll probably include some technical support in the price. But if it’s hosted elsewhere, they either won’t help or will charge a hefty fee to do so. 
Ongoing support is all part of the service with itseeze. Our support team are on hand to help and we also provide a comprehensive Support Site full of website editing guides, how-to videos, FAQs and lots more. 
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