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Energy Training Centre is a fully-equipped, purpose-built training facility based in Nottingham. The company provides a range of courses to the Gas industry, for re-assessments and initial candidates. 


Business owners Maxine and Ken were experiencing problems with their previous website for some time before contacting itseeze Nottingham. Problems with corruption led to foreign text appearing on the web pages, whilst the company’s email service would sometimes go down unexpectedly. 
The web development business managing the site was difficult to get hold of at times, compounding these problems. The company then carried out an upgrade, which meant that Energy Training Centre could no longer access the Content Management System (CMS) to update the site themselves, causing further frustration. 
“It’s safe to say we weren’t happy with the service we were getting,” says Maxine. “But we needed a website and email service, so we kept on with it. Then, all of a sudden, we found out that the web development company had gone out of business! Our website disappeared into thin air, plunging us into instant panic mode as we rely on it to showcase our training courses. Luckily, our emails were still working, but we needed to take action, fast.” 
Maxine quickly took to Google to find a new provider. After speaking to a few other companies, she contacted Phil Revill from itseeze Nottingham – and was instantly impressed. “Phil made a great first impression,” confirms Maxine. “He was confident and knowledgeable, making us feel straightaway that he could sort things out for us. Compared to some people we spoke to, Phil was a breath of fresh air and we started to feel a bit less stressed!” 


Phil’s first move was to put up a holding page so potential clients would see that a new it’seeze-designed website was on the way, instead of finding a “Site not available” message which was the case beforehand. He then went on the hunt for the previous site’s content, some of which was still available online, as Energy Training Centre didn’t have a backup in place. 
“There are various tools you can use to rediscover content from websites that have been taken down,” explains Phil. “I had a trawl around the Internet and eventually managed to find quite a lot of Energy Training Centre’s old site content. Some of it was out of date, but at least we had something to work with rather than having to start completely from scratch. That speeded up the development process for the new site, which was just what Maxine and Ken needed.” 
Once the content ‘gaps’ had been filled, the it’seeze Nottingham team went to work to create the new site. They also took over the company’s email service, so Maxine and Ken had the reassurance that their messages would keep coming through. 


Now the new site is up and running, Maxine and Ken have no more concerns around technical glitches or emails going down. And if any problems do crop up, they know they can call Phil or Sarah and help will be on hand straightaway. “Towards the end, it was taking several days to get a response from our old provider,” Maxine states. “It’s fantastic to have that peace of mind now – and we also love how easy it is to edit the new site!” 
“I’d be pleased to recommend it’seeze Nottingham to any other local businesses who need a new website, whether they’re start-ups or just looking for a new provider.” 

Could YOUR business benefit from an it’seeze website? 

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