Dependable Security were on a very tight deadline for the launch of their new website ready for the New Year. 
Recently, Google announced that it would be marking all sites not encrypted with HTTPS as ‘not secure’ in Chrome. 
Given that Chrome is the most popular web browser these days, accounting for around 60%* of UK traffic, you might want to consider switching your platform from HTTP to HTTPS if you haven’t already. 
Responsive web design simply means that the appearance of your website will adapt to whatever device is being used to view it. So people using desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones will each view your website in a different way, with the information being resized and reframed to make it easier to read and navigate. 
When it comes to content marketing, it’s all too easy to wax lyrical about the nuts and bolts of your business. Take a cabinet-making company that makes beautiful kitchens. Imagine you’re looking for a new kitchen with a real ‘wow’ factor and you visit their website – only to find that product descriptions are all based around bare facts or technical specifications. Corian worktops, 1,000mm Rangemaster cookers, handmade kitchen islands and so on… 
A hyperlocal search is one where the customer is looking for a product or service in a more precise area. For example, a business traveller visiting Boots plc from Cornwall might search for ‘hotel Beeston Rylands’ (the area of Nottingham where Boots is located) rather than simply searching for ‘hotel Nottingham’. 
Google have added a "Posts" feature to My Business, it's now available to UK Businesses, but what does it mean? 
Sarah and Tim needed a flexible and updatedable platform for their new website for their Marketing Business. 
The key to great marketing content is simple: put yourself in your customer’s shoes and tell them what they want to hear. Or at least it sounds simple, doesn’t it? In truth, it can actually be pretty hard to step outside your own business and focus on your customers’ needs, wants and desires. And that’s why so much content, whether printed or online, just doesn’t work. 
Lisa Newport owns and runs the My Ruby Slippers Style Academy, a part online and part face-to-face Style Consultancy based in Nottingham. Correspondingly she has a really strong sense of style, brand identity, design communication and the use of colour. The website is now live, and the result is fabulous. 
When asked about the target audience, many business owners simply reply: ‘anyone who’s interested’. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Of course, you want to market your business to as many people as possible – but without a specific customer base in mind, this can be very difficult.